Exotic Wood Restoration

Exotic Wood Restoration

There are various species of exotic hardwoods such as IPE and Cumaru that are used in the Carolinas for a more modern look of your decks and fences, however they require more frequent maintenance than other types of wood such as pressure treated pine.

Due to their density, stain and oils do not penetrate into the wood, but instead lay on top of the wood to form a protective barrier. The sun attacks and breaks down this protective layer and allows the UV from the sun to attack and damage the wood fibers {“grey out the wood “}.

Carolina Decks and More is proud to not only be knowledgeable about the various exotic wood species used in outdoor structures, but we specialize in their care, maintenance and restoration.

If you have exotic wooden structures such as decks and fences, a routine bi-annual maintenance is recommended to keep them looking their best.

  • The wood must be cleaned with special cleaners to remove dirt, mold, debris and old product build up.
  • Applying a wood brightener to balance the PH of the wood and to remove dead wood fibers.
  • Sanding of the wood to remove any remaining product build up and to prepare the surface for the new stain or sealer.
  • Applying a product specifically designed for exotic wood to protect the surface.

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